I recently got the chance to add a few lines to my LinkedIn after winning big at the 2019 Chip Shop Awards.

The Chip Shop Awards is a no-holds-barred creativity contest. Entries don’t have to run, or even be plausible. Just get the idea, make the thing and enter.

The team at Maple Street Creative did just that and managed to pick up the Chip (ie: gold) in the Best Use of Bad Taste Category, for Backed The Wrong Side?: a speculative ad for Paddy Power making bold use of the Shemima Begum controversy. Have a listen below.

It was a great team effort, and a big achievement flying the audio flag in a competition dominated by graphic design. There were some full hearts and fuzzy heads in the studio the next day.

The Poster Boy For Great Production

Just a quick update to point out that I’m now a cover star on the revamped Maple Street Voices website - a resource for sourcing, booking and recording voice talent for all your audio needs.

Studio sessions come with free, incredibly handsome audio engineers

Studio sessions come with free, incredibly handsome audio engineers

Look at me, knowing what I’m doing with all those knobs and faders!

As a bonus, here’s my profile on the Maple Street Creative page. If you ever need audio production help in London, you could do a lot worse.

Besides starring in the shoot, I also wrote the blurb

Besides starring in the shoot, I also wrote the blurb

The Good, The Bad And The Photos

I spent the end of 2018 in California, road tripping between San Francisco, Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Los Angeles and Arroyo Grande.

We had Christmas in the desert, burritos in the Mission, selfies on the beach and Dr. Dre on the car radio.

The sunshine was gorgeous and reliable - they should shoot movies over there.


Paris, je t'aime

I visited Paris for the first time this past weekend. In between baguettes, croissants and steak avec frites, I tried a bit of amateur street photography, the City of Light living up to its name with gorgeous sunshine.


The story behind Julie's story

Watching Julie's Story, it's a nice little video profile. But behind the scenes, this job was actually one of my trickiest production challenges.

That's because it wasn't my job at all, until 11pm on Sunday night before the shoot the next day. That's when my co-producer, who'd been been handling the project, texted to let me know he was in hospital and wouldn't be able to make it. 

He'd been trying to organise the shoot for weeks. The talent was a real person, and worked as a nurse so was hard to pin down. The client also wanted to be there, and their availability had been locked in too. Crew and gear had been booked in for the shoot as well. So, we wanted to avoid the headache of rescheduling.

That said, the director/producer was in a hospital bed. Did I mention the shoot was interstate - an hour's flight, followed by a ninety minute drive? And I had about ten hours before call time?

I booked flights and a car, and spent Sunday night poring over the brief, as I'd need to be interviewing Julie for an hour the next day and I didn't know anything about her.

I got the first flight to Sydney, landed, met the clients, reassured them that I was on top of everything, and headed to the shoot. There, I met the family of four, directed a small two-person crew, and interviewed Julie for an hour, while monitoring sound and with the client looking over my shoulder.

I left just in time to make it back for the evening flight back to Melbourne - a bit stressed and tired, but also relieved.

And the best part is, watching the video, you'd have no idea.  


Earlier this year I helped my friend Ayub made a video for a Nike employee contest.

We had no time or budget, so I used my personal Olympus OM-D on a dodgy old borrowed tripod, and relied on the golden hour lighting at a nice spot by the banks of the Maribyrnong river.

A little rough around the edges, but with a bit of colour correction it scrubbed up okay, and definitely blew away the other iPhone selfie camera entries.

Screenshot (29).png
Screenshot (30).png
Screenshot (31).png

Australian Podcast Awards 2018

As my last professional act in Australia, I had a great time at the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards the other weekend.

I was there with the team from Welcome To Patchwork, who I've worked with through the Ear Buds podcast network. They were nominated in the best comedy podcast category but lost to the legendary Tony Martin, hardly something to be ashamed of.

The legendary Tony Martin accepts his award

The legendary Tony Martin accepts his award

That didn't stop the Patchwork boys from getting some great content out of it.


It was a fun time at the awards, but when I found myself posing for "thinking" pictures, I knew it was probably time to call it a night.



The Home Stretch

In Victoria, young people are cut off from foster care at the age of 18. Many become homeless soon afterward.

It was an honour to help put together this quick, short video for The Home Stretch, a campaign to extend the age of foster care in Victoria from 18 to 21. I even made a cameo.

You can find out more about the campaign at

London Calling

In exciting news, I'm doing the reverse convict, packing up and moving to sunny London.

I'll be there from early June, and I'm keen to meet people, make connections, and find a job before I have to fulfil the stereotype of an Aussie pulling pints in the pub.

Send me an email if you have any tips or leads on life in the UK. Below is a picture of me celebrating traditional British culture on my last trip there.


Camp Nong - Footscray Boat Club

Camp Nong ran an end of summer party in perfect weather, at a boat club on the banks of Maribyrnong. Featuring DJs, rappers, dancers and a mid-party joy ride down the river on the SS Blackbird. Turns out it was ideal conditions for our photographer too.

Photography by Tess Power. Full photo album here